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I keep you jealously to myself,
in a photo the size of a kiss,
a kiss in the shape of a bullet.

I dwell on things that break my own heart, 
I think and think until I drink and drink, 
it’s the side of myself that I’m most comfortable with; 
the side of me that lets me sleep. 
I dwell on things to break my own heart 
because I could give a shit about how I think. 

I just keep hoping my brain, my heart, and my guts will stop 
don’t call me a coward when I say these things 
just be proud I’m not ashamed of who I am 
just be proud I’m not like you.

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Bye, bye, beautiful!

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The Druid | Sleep | Sleep’s Holy Mountain


Death From Above 1979 - Trainwreck 1979 [Official Audio]

The return


naomi//neutral milk hotel

your prettiness is seeping through
out from the dress i took from you
so pretty
and my emptiness is swollen shut
always a wretch i have become
so empty and please
please don’t leave me

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give the feminine your respect 

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Lefty - Title Fight

Keep those blurry memories somewhere safe. You may need them. 

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Song Of The Day


2Pac - Keep Ya Head Up

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Painting my face on with this shitty kitty. 🐈🐾💁

“When We Fell Asleep…" 
Monks and Melrose - Sorry Eyes
Shlohmo - Anywhere But Here
SZA - Child’s Play (feat. Chance The Rapper)
How To Dress Well - Can’t Feel My Own Face
James Blake - Not So Long
Ta-Ku - I Miss You More (feat. Atu)
The 1975 - Sex (Ryan Hemsworth remix)
SOHN - Bloodflows
Daughter - Love 
Dream Koala - We Can’t Be Friends
Holy Other - Past Tension
Sampha - Can’t Get Close 
Spooky Black - Without U
abhi//dijon - Twelve
Drake - Doing It Wrong
Bon Iver - Holocene (Mindthings remix)
Sleep ∞ Over - Romantic Streams
Usher - U Got It Bad
JHNTHN STEIN - Pretty (feat. Keren Tayar) (Twistyknobs Burbank St. Flip)
Aaliyah - One in a Million
Blackedout - Rose
Coldplay - High Speed
Blood Orange - It Is What It Is  

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